Post-Decree Modifications

As time passes following the finalization of a divorce, changes in family circumstances need to be addressed. Jobs and incomes change, requiring alterations to child support and parenting time agreements. Custodial parents moving to another state need help with relocation proceedings that often involve custody and visitation modifications.

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At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, we know the personal issues that are involved in a legally complex process. Revisiting previously settled matters to modify or enforce can be equally emotionally charged. An experienced attorney is vital in attending to all the legal details while protecting your rights and looking out for the best interests of your children.

Specific modifications of a divorce decree result from:

  • Relocation of the custodial parent because of a second marriage or new job
  • Lengthy unemployment or disability that affects the income of the ex-spouse paying child support or spousal maintenance
  • Significant wage increases or decreases
  • Changes to work schedules where custody and visitation agreements require modification
  • A son or daughter pursuing a college degree that mandates alterations to financial arrangements
  • Life insurance or long-term medical care for a child
  • Birth of an additional child to either parent

Our goal is to have both parents agree to the modifications without putting the decision in the hands of a judge. Whether contested or uncontested, both parents are bound by the original order until a judge signs the new agreement. Violating the original divorce decree may result in pursuing enforcements or holding parents in contempt of court for their actions or inactions.

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