Representation Of Municipalities

Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, is the legal counsel for Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Our attorneys have a stellar track record and reputation as strong advocates for every client and an expansive background in municipal law, including land use, property taxes, small-business licensing and other matters.

Comprehensive Knowledge Of Local Ordinances

Local ordinances govern a variety of issues. A city's business regulations often cover the sale of alcoholic beverages, the posting of public notices, applying for a business license and compliance with prevailing Federal Communications Commission regulations.

In addition to providing business guidelines and rules, the code of ordinances contains provisions related to:

  • Traffic codes, including traffic/parking regulations, parking schedules and safety provisions regarding the use of bicycles
  • Public works, including waste removal, sewage maintenance and utilities
  • Land use, including guidance on building regulations, grading and sediment control, and zoning codes
  • Real estate matters, including property taxes
  • Labor law, including city employment matters

We use our legal experience to help cities, residents and local businesses avoid unnecessary conflict over municipal violations.


We Respond Promptly To Inquiries

Our municipal law practice demonstrates one of the primary strengths of the firm: our experience and knowledge in a wide range of practice areas. At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, our seasoned lawyers take a team approach to municipal law. If you have questions about municipal law matters in Lawrenceburg, you can contact us through our convenient online form to submit your information or call us 812-551-0436 to arrange a consultation. Our main office is located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.