Lawrenceburg Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Dog owners are responsible to keep their dog under reasonable care and control. That includes abiding by leash laws. In addition, the owner should be aware of the dog's dangerous propensities and vicious tendencies, acting accordingly to prevent injuries. Dogs and all domestic animals are presumed not to be dangerous. However, they are not always entitled to "one free bite" for the owner to be held accountable.

The Help You Need From A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Following An Animal Attack

At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, we ensure that our clients receive diligent and dedicated legal advocacy and the medical care they need. From there, we conduct in-depth investigations to establish liability of the dog owner and maximize compensation.

Immediate medical treatment is necessary. In some cases, long-term care is factored into the compensation, in spite of insurance companies' common objections to these damages. Injuries from dog bites can take many forms and include:

  • Physical scarring — Visible scars require reconstructive surgery. For younger victims, present and future procedures must be accounted for when determining damages.
  • Psychological scarring — Some damage goes deeper than physical injuries. Victims both young and old are often left with a fear of dogs and possibly other animals, requiring therapy sessions.
  • Rabies — Any dog bite brings up fear of contracting this serious disease, whether the dog owner can or cannot be located.
  • Infections — Immediate medical care is an important preventative measure. Yet over time, infections can still occur.
  • Broken bones — While rare, dogs can exert enough pressure to break bones.

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