Most Truck Accidents Are Preventable

Large truck and bus accidents kill more than 4,000 people every year. Because of their sheer size and speed, these vehicles can also inflict catastrophic physical injuries, emotional damage and medical costs. That is why truck drivers and trucking companies must exercise caution at all times, from loading the vehicle to obeying hours-of service regulations.

At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon LLP, our lawyers know the damage that a truck accident can cause. We will use our knowledge and experience to investigate your crash and find all contributing causes. We stand up for your rights in and out of court.

Trucker Errors

Numerous factors can cause accidents with heavy trucks. During our investigation, we will look at all possible scenarios involving the truck driver, including:

  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Engaging in distracting behaviors such as talking or texting on a cellphone
  • Violating posted speed limits
  • Operating the tractor-trailer recklessly

We will also examine whether the trucker was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This includes illegal street drugs as well as prescribed pharmaceutical products.

Trucking Company Negligence

In some cases, an act of the trucking company itself may have caused an accident. For example, companies may fail to properly service fleet vehicles, which can lead to a mechanical error. Some trucking companies set unrealistic expectations for drivers and then pressure them to violate federal guidelines regarding rest periods. Trucking companies may also be careless with hiring practices or fail to provide sufficient training for drivers. Finally, trucking companies may improperly load a vehicle, including violating weight regulations or failing to properly secure cargo.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

Recovering from a serious injury as the result of a traffic accident can be a difficult process. While our attorneys at Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, cannot undo the pain and suffering you and your family have endured, we can help you hold negligent drivers and companies accountable. Call our Lawrenceburg office at 812-551-0436 or fill out our online form to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our team members in Indiana.