Fatigued And Overworked Drivers Increase Accident Risk

Fatigue plays a role in a significant number of accidents. For truck drivers who often spend long periods in the cab without a rest break, losing concentration due to lack of sleep and adequate rest is a real concern.

That is why federal regulations prohibit truck drivers from working long shifts without a break. While truck drivers usually must hurry to their destination, not allowing adequate rest is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, many drivers feel pressured to violate federal hours-of-service regulations due to their scheduled delivery times.

We Know Federal Trucking Regulations

It can be difficult to know the cause of a truck accident. It takes familiarity with state, local and federal regulations to know when a driver or transportation company is violating regulations to increase profit. It also takes experienced investigators who know how to get to the bottom of the causes of trucking accidents.

At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon LLP, our experienced truck accidents attorneys understand trucking regulations. We have been helping clients in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and surrounding areas recover in the wake of suffering serious injury since 1956. If the driver who injured you was asleep, distracted or unable to concentrate because of fatigue, we will make every effort to hold both the driver and trucking company accountable.

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