A Diligent Investigation Of Your Truck Accident

When cars and heavy trucks collide, the injuries and expenses incurred are substantial. The attorneys at Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon LLP know that accidents involving trucks and commercial vehicles can be devastating.

We use our extensive knowledge of trucking regulations to investigate your claim and identify all of the parties that may be liable for the injuries you have suffered. We will not back down until we uncover the truth.

The Driver Qualification File

While a lot of information used for a traffic accident case will come straight from the accident site and any law enforcement investigation, our legal team will dig deeper into your case. We can help you secure a critical source of additional evidence known as the driver qualification file. Trucking companies are mandated by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations to keep these files for every driver they employ, and this information can be instrumental in proving negligence on the part of the driver or company. By law, the file must contain:

  • A comprehensive driving record
  • Results of driver alcohol and drug tests
  • The driver's application for employment
  • Information pertaining to the driver's annual review

In addition to this file, our lawyers pursue other records required by the FMCSA such as the truck driver's log and the maintenance records for the fleet vehicle. These files can be hard to obtain; trucking companies want to avoid releasing any information that may indicate fault, but we can help you obtain the file or request a subpoena for the evidence, if necessary.

Protect Your Health And Finances

Accidents involving trucks and cars can be extremely harmful, but our legal team is dedicated to helping you with your recovery. Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon LLP has a main office in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Contact us online or call 812-551-0436 for a free initial consultation.