Benefits For Adult Disabled Children

Disabled individuals are usually not eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits unless they meet work eligibility requirements. Under some circumstances, however, disabled adults can be eligible for disability benefits based on the work history of a parent.

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The Social Security Administration's Requirements For Adult Disability Benefits

Adult disabled people may be eligible based on the work history of either parent, provided that the parent is now retired, disabled or deceased, and:

  • The child is unmarried.
  • The child is at least 18 years old and has a disability that began before he or she turned 22.
  • The child is 18 or older and qualifies for benefits as a full-time student.

Even if an adult disabled child qualifies for SSDI benefits based on his or her own work history, it is possible that SSDI benefits will be greater through the parents' work history.

Have Questions? Contact An Experienced Social Security Disability Attorney.

Guardians and disabled adult children looking to file a claim for disability benefits should contact an experienced SSDI lawyer. Filing such a claim or appealing a denied claim can be complex when you are relying on the work history of a parent. Qualifying for benefits as an adult disabled child requires comprehensive and accurate documentation to be successful.

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