Over Age 50 And Disabled? SSDI Benefits May Be The Answer.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available to individuals who meet eligibility requirements. Typically, workers who have paid into the benefit program and are now unable to work full time can receive benefits. Unlike Social Security retirement benefits, there are no penalties for obtaining SSDI benefits before a certain age.

Age Is Only One Factor In Determining Benefit Eligibility

At Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, we field numerous questions from individuals who are concerned regarding their eligibility for SSDI benefits. For SSDI eligibility, age is simply one factor. Step five of the determination of disability process considers whether an applicant can perform any work in the local or national economy given his or her age, education, work experience, transferable skills and residual functional capacity. It is wise to discuss your specific matter with a skilled attorney. We can thoroughly review your options and provide valuable insight regarding your best course of action.

Get A Free Case Evaluation On Whether You Qualify

Far too often, people decide for themselves whether they are eligible for SSDI benefits. People don't think they are old enough to apply — or they have no clear idea of what constitutes a disability. It is crucial that you discuss your situation with a skilled Social Security Disability attorney.

Disability does not simply mean that you are incapable of completing any task, that you are bedridden or that you are confined to a wheelchair. Additionally, there are no concrete requirements regarding age.

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