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Lawrenceburg Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Distracted driving may only be getting worse

Indiana readers know that distracted driving is a serious threat to the safety and well-being of every person on the road. Despite the fact that most people are well aware of the dangers of this type of negligent behavior, it is not an issue that is getting better. In fact, there are more things distracting drivers than ever before.

People often associate distracted driving with texting or talking on the phone while operating a vehicle. While these are serious issues, they are not the only types of things distracting drivers. A recent analysis of what drivers are doing on their phones revealed that many people are using applications that may surprise you.

Don't let pedestrian collisions keep you down

You race down a crosswalk on a seemingly ordinary day. However, all of a sudden, you see a car come toward you, and it does not stop. The next thing you know, you are on the ground and writhing in pain.

Pedestrian collisions in Indiana can easily occur when car drivers are careless behind the wheel. Fortunately, if a pedestrian crash causes you injury, you have the right to seek the at-fault driver accountable for any injuries you suffer as a result.

Dash cams becoming important for accident investigations

You may have seen video on the news of dash cam footage from horrific car crashes. Many find these videos fascinating to watch, and you might be one of those people. For those involved in the accident, it certainly provides a different perspective of the event.

However, more than a fascination or a new point of view, dash cams are becoming popular for a different reason, one that may save you money and help your cause if your accident leads to a lawsuit. In fact, dash cams have been so useful in some circumstances that insurance companies across the globe are taking notice.

Winter driving tips may help you stay safer on the road

Winter has officially arrived, and like many Indiana residents, you may have felt it coming for some time. Whether you hate or love the cold, winter weather hits hard and can cause many complications. From snowy driveways to icy roads, getting behind the wheel of your vehicle during this time of year can pose a bit more of a risk than in warmer months.

You certainly want to do your best to stay safe while on the road as getting involved in a car accident could result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, the risk of a crash is always present when traveling by car, and in many cases, these incidents occur without much warning, if any. In hopes of lessening the likelihood of finding yourself in an accident due to winter weather conditions, you may wish to consider the following safety tips.

Drowsy and drinking, but not drunk? Still dangerous, even deadly

It's almost impossible in this day and age to remain ignorant of the deadly dangers of drunk driving. You probably already know to stay well under the legal limits of alcohol consumption when you're planning on getting behind the wheel. Separately, you may also already be familiar with the risks of "drowsy driving" -- extreme tiredness while operating a motor vehicle can be almost as dangerous as drinking and driving.

What about when you combine the two, though? What happens when an individual is neither too tired nor too drunk to drive but just a little of both? An alarming new study indicates that this combination can be deadly, and as a responsible driver, the results may be something you'll want to keep in mind for your own safety and that of your loved ones.

How intoxication can severely limit one's ability to drive safely

There are a multitude of scenarios in which a dangerous motor vehicle accident can occur, some of which may be more prevalent than others. Chances are, you probably consider your safety to be a top priority and wish to protect it by remaining sober and alert while strictly adhering to Indiana state traffic laws.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the actions of those around you, and your safety may rest partially in the hands of other drivers. Should another party choose to operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, you could be the one who suffers the consequences.

Hurt on public or private property? Who is to blame?

When you visit a friend's home or take a trip to the grocery store, you have a reasonable expectation that your personal safety is not under threat. However, accidents do happen, circumstances are not always controllable and you could find yourself hurt. If you suffered harm while on public or private property in Indiana, you may be wondering who is to blame.

After a premises liability incident, it could be useful to seek a complete evaluation of your case. In some cases, it is possible to seek and obtain compensation through a civil claim. If you were hurt, it may not be because of your own clumsiness or recklessness, but it could be the result of risks and hazards that were beyond your control.

When an animal attacks and causes you injury, who is to blame?

You, like many other people in Indiana, may love animals and even own a pet. However, there is nothing that can adequately prepare you for the shock and pain of experiencing an attack from an animal. Animal bites and attacks from pets owned by other people can not only be the cause of great mental and emotional suffering, they can cause great physical damage as well.

If you suffered harm because of a bite from an animal, you have the right to hold liable parties accountable and seek appropriate compensation. However, you may be unsure of how to start this process and what you can do to hold liable parties accountable. With help, you can obtain the rightful compensation you deserve after experiencing an animal bite.

Are new cars too distracting?

Automakers frequently promote advanced safety features on the new models of their cars. Undoubtedly, those features have saved countless lives. Perhaps you can attest to this if your airbag ever deployed during a collision. However, safety is not the only area in which automakers seem to be competing.

A recent trend in the auto industry is the standardization of infotainment features that provide drivers with an array of options at their fingertips. However, you may agree with many safety advocates who have expressed concern that these features may be creating a greater hazard than that of  texting and driving.

The weather outside can be frightful, especially when driving

A dangerous accident can occur at any given moment for a variety of reasons, but the result is typically the same. Chances are you probably consider your health to be of the utmost importance, and you may attempt to avoid an accident at all costs by choosing to strictly adhere to Indiana state traffic laws and safe driving procedures, but others may not share your enthusiasm.

With an ever-increasing number of drunk and distracted drivers out on the road, the concern for your well-being may be at an all-time high. However, there are other dangers you may face out on the road that can be just as hazardous, such as the presence of inclement weather.

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