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Lawrenceburg Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

A heavy truck crash doesn't have to weigh you down financially

What might start out as a relatively ordinary commute to the job or to the grocery store one day may end up being one of the most expensive drives you will ever take if you end up in a trucking accident. Due to the heavy weight and large size of a semi-truck, an accident involving such a truck can easily be more serious than one involving another passenger car. The accident can be costly from a physical, financial and emotional standpoint.

Sometimes a heavy truck crash is the result of the truck driver's carelessness behind the wheel. For instance, he or she might not have been paying attention to the road closely. If you have suffered injuries in this type of accident, it is within your rights to seek justice through the civil court system in Indiana.

Take a bite out of negligence following an animal bite

Each year, thousands of animal bites take place in the United States, mostly involving dogs. When you have suffered a dog bite, your first priority naturally is to pursue medical attention right away. After all, failure to undergo treatment may lead to an infection or even death if the dog had a disease.

In some situations, dog bites happen in Indiana due to the negligence of the owners of the animals. For instance, perhaps the owner of a dog did not restrain the animal appropriately. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have the right to take legal action.

Protecting your interests after the wrongful death of a loved one

Losing a loved one in an accident is never easy, but it can be particularly painful to know that his or her death was preventable and unnecessary. When you are dealing with the wrongful death of a loved one, not only are you facing excruciating emotional pain, you are likely also dealing with the financial fallout that often accompanies an unexpected death.

If you believe that your loved one suffered unnecessarily, you could have grounds to take legal action against the liable parties. A wrongful death claim cannot undo what you suffered, but it can help you and your Indiana family recover financial losses and rebuild your lives. An experienced personal injury attorney can help. 

Who's to blame for a slip-and-fall accident? It may not be you

Slip-and-fall accidents can be embarrassing and painful. If you recently experienced this type of incident, your main concern may be simply moving on from what happened as quickly as possible. However, your injuries and lingering pain may not let you forget what happened, leaving you to wonder what you should do next. 

Often, slip-and-fall accidents do not result in serious injuries. Many, if not most, people are able to get up, dust themselves off and move about their business. If you are not one of these people and are currently suffering because of your accident-related injuries, you do not have to face it alone. You may feel overwhelmed, but your accident may not be your fault.

What should I do after an automobile collision?

Immediately following a car accident seemingly caused by another driver's negligence, making sure that you and your passengers are physically okay is naturally your first order of business. If you have suffered a serious injury, calling for medical assistance is your next priority.

Amid the flaring emotions and panic that usually follow an automobile collision in Ohio, you may find it hard to determine what to do next to protect your best interests. A few essential steps are critical both at the scene of the accident and after the dust has settled.

Time for those fighting against your claim to pump the brakes.

Trucks are large, heavy vehicles that have the capacity to inflict serious damage on smaller vehicles when involved in a crash. Motor vehicle accidents involving large commercial trucks and semi trucks often result in severe or fatal injury, leaving innocent victims with irreparable damage or grieving the loss of a loved one.

Because of the size and weight of these types of vehicles, they can take longer to stop than other types of vehicles. In fact, braking capability and distance is a factor in a significant number of truck accidents. If you were hurt in an accident involving a semi truck in Indiana, you may find it beneficial to find out how you can seek a full recovery, both physically and financially.

Injured in an accident? You may want to take certain precautions

Suffering a serious injury in a car accident can present a person with numerous challenges. If you believe the other driver was at fault in your accident, you may choose to pursue restitution, especially if you suffered severe injuries in the process. Perhaps the aftermath of your accident has you rattled, making it difficult for you to concentrate on any steps that need to be taken toward receiving any restitution to which you are entitled.

Seeing to your health is obviously the most important issue following a collision, but as soon as you are able, you may want to begin taking certain steps that may prove pertinent to any future legal claims. Assistance from an experienced attorney can prove invaluable to you during these trying times, giving you much-needed peace of mind while also ensuring all evidence from your incident is properly gathered and analyzed.  

Help! I've been hurt in a car crash.

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the biggest causes of personal injuries in the United States, including in Indiana. Whether seemingly minor or severe, these injuries can unfortunately disrupt your life by preventing you from being able to return to work for a period of time or by requiring you to undergo ongoing medical treatment, for example. Sometimes a car crash is the result of the negligence of another driver, whereas others are caused by another motorist's reckless behavior behind the wheel.

Traffic deaths continue to soar

Each year, car manufacturers and federal safety regulators improve the safety of vehicles through remarkable technological advances that you may not have imagined seeing in your lifetime. Some of the most recent breakthroughs include:

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