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What makes a semi truck so deadly?

Semi trucks and large commercial vehicles are a common sight on Indiana's roadways. This might not be that surprising to some of our readers, especially considering the fact that United States relies heavily on large commercial vehicles to transport roughly 70 percent of all freight each year, according to truckinfo.net.

But these trucks are just as dangerous as they are helpful. For those of our readers who have been involved in a truck accident, you know this point well. But what makes a truck accident so catastrophic? Let's take a look.

Truck weight. Physics tells us that for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. This means, in truck accidents, whatever force is exerted by a heavy truck is then transferred to the vehicle with which it is colliding. Did you know that the average semi truck weighs 80,000 lbs? That's 40 tons! Even without doing the math, it isn't hard to see that there is a lot of force there that can cause a lot of damage.

Truck size. Semi trucks average anywhere between 70 and 80 feet in length when attached to a trailer and they tower more than 13 feet high, which is taller than the average story on a house. Because of their immense size, accidents with semi trucks often include numerous other vehicles as well. And if the truck tips over onto these vehicles, it's not difficult to imagine the damage they can cause to both the vehicles and the passengers.

Speed. Speed limits vary on U.S. roadways. Trucks, on average, are allowed to go between 55 and 70 mph on both rural and urban interstates, according to a motorist.org speed-limit chart. In some states, the speed limit is as fast as 75 or even 85 mph on certain stretches of roadway. But the faster a vehicle is travelling, the less reaction time a driver has. This is incredibly problematic with semis, especially considering the facts above.

Because of the need for large commercials vehicles like semis to transport goods across the nation, the chances of seeing one of these behemoths on the roadway is pretty good. We just hope none of our readers encounter them because of a serious or even fatal accident. If they do, we hope they remember their right to compensation from the negligent driver.

Source: thetruckersreport.com, "Facts About Trucks - Everything You Want To Know About Eighteen Wheelers," Accessed Sept. 12, 2014

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