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Fair compensation should include the damage you can't see

No one ever wants to get involved in a serious motor vehicle accident.  In fact, many people around the United States, including here in Indiana, purposefully cater their driving habits to help avoid an accident from occurring.  Unfortunately, the time and place of an accident is unpredictable, including the injuries you may or may not suffer as well.

Random chance coupled with the desire to avoid an accident can be a recipe for disaster though because in most cases, people are left unprepared with how to handle the process of recovering damages after a serious crash.  Some people may not even know that they can seek monetary compensation from a negligent driver through a personal injury lawsuit.

Even though injuries suffered in any motor vehicle accident -- whether it's a car accident or a truck accident -- can vary in severity, chances are they can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life.  For most people, the most frustrating part of a serious crash is what affect it will have on their finances once medical bills and damage estimates start rolling in.  And if your injuries cause you to miss work, this frustration can quickly turn to anxiety.

In most cases, people only focus on the damages they can physically see such as injuries to their bodies and vehicle.  But this is only part of the puzzle.  Many accidents can leave victims traumatized, oftentimes suffering post-traumatic stress symptoms months or even years after a crash.  This is where the experience of an accomplished personal injury attorney, such as those that are found here at Zerbe Garner Blondell & Weldon, LLP, comes into play.

Because you may not have planned for an accident to happen, you may not know that you can seek compensation for pain and suffering under Indiana tort law.  Though it may seem difficult to put a price tag on your emotions, a well-experienced lawyer can help you consider the entire situation, including the challenges you could face in the future, to help you understand what should be fair compensation for you.  In most cases, people who have obtained legal representation after a crash found it beneficial and worth it in the end.

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