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Cell phones are not always to blame

It's almost difficult to imagine life in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio (or anywhere) before cell phones, isn't it? Depending on your age, you might never have lived during a time when there weren't people constantly in your vicinity using these amazing electronic devices. As with all products, though, customer reviews of cell phones can still come with many positive and various dangers. However, some particular injuries occurring to those using cell phones while walking may actually have more to do with surrounding factors, such as premises liability, in many cases.

Studies abound regarding potential health and safety risks to those who use cellphones on a regular basis. New terms have even been created to describe certain adverse health conditions many say are directly related to cellphones. Perhaps you or someone you know has experienced one or more of the following:

  • iPhoneitis: This has existed for several decades and was initially diagnosed back in the days of Nintendo and other video games before BlackBerry and other smart phones came into being. Because your thumbs do not have the same mobility as your fingers, if you text a lot or play games using your thumbs, you might develop a repetitive stress injury now commonly called, "iPhoneitis" by medical professionals throughout the nation.
  • Brain cancer: Although there has yet to be conclusive reports regarding this topic, studies suggest possible correlations between frequent cellphone use and certain types of cancer. Safety recommendations state the farther one holds the device away from the head, the better.
  • Muscle and joint injuries: Posture, extended time spent in the same position and several other factors may leave cellphone users at risk for neck, back, shoulder, hand and other related injuries.
  • Pedestrian accidents: This is one of the most frequently mentioned causes of injury for cellphone users. While some accidents might indeed result from distraction while using cellphones, other situations include extenuating circumstances that often suggest evidence of premises liabilities.

If you or someone in your family has suffered these or other types of injury related to using a cell phone, in addition to obtaining any needed medical attention, you may want to investigate the matter further.

What is a premises liability and how does it pertain to cellphones?

How many times have you narrowly avoided injury when you noticed (just in time) a dangerous construction zone, wet floor or extension cords running across your path? Perhaps you've even witnessed someone taking a terrible fall on stairs after tripping over debris left lying in the way. A premises liability may exist if one or more of the following factors is involved:

  • An unsafe or defective condition existing on someone's property has caused injury to another.
  • A property owner acted negligently, resulting in bodily harm to a visitor.
  • A property owner was aware that a visitor was at risk for injury and did nothing to inform him or her of potential danger.
  • A property owner failed to make a reasonable effort to keep visitors safe.

Injuries suffered under such circumstances often include dog bites, broken bones from falls, burns and more.

What's that have to do with cell phones?

Many have suffered injuries on property they did not own while using cellphones. For instance, someone might have been reading an important text message and suddenly fallen into an open hole or ditch. Just as terrible would be a person looking down to dial a phone number when a heavy object falls on top of him or her from above.

If such accidents occur near a construction zone that was not adequately marked for pedestrian safety, or an employer or homeowner failed to keep workers or visitors safe, there might be grounds for filing a premises liability claim. It's unfair to expect injured persons to bear the financial strain often associated with such injuries due to medical expenses, time off work and other related matters. If you're unsure whether another party might be liable for your injury, you can ask an experienced attorney to review your situation.

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